2020's Best Home STD Test Kits

Below we've included overviews of our favorite home STD test kits, ranked by price, time it takes to get results, number of infections screened and our personal recommendations.

Last Updated August 2020

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  • A simplified home STD test
  • Testing for up to 10 infections (including Herpes)
  • Physician-reviewed results, on demand nurses

Results in 2-5 days

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At Home Sexual Health Testing | The Confidential And Accurate Way To Get Tested For STDs 

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By Dr. Dominic Rowley

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  • Covers 7 common infections
  • Unique tests for males and females
  • Easily download results to share with your healthcare provider

Results in 5-7 days

Rising STD Rates in the U.S Mirror Sexual Health Testing Sales 

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STD Symptoms In Women: Common Infections, Symptoms, Treatments and Tests

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By Hannah Kingston


  • Covers 8 infections
  • Suitable for men and women

Results in 7 days

By Dr. Dominic Rowley

STD Symptoms In Men: Things That Indicate You Might Need A Test

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By Dr. Dominic Rowley



  • Covers 10 infections
  • Retest on positive results

Results in 5 days

Almost 50% Of U.S. Adults Don't Know How Often You Should Take An STD Test

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By Hannah Kingston

What Are The Most Common STDs? (Updated)

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  • Similar to the standard physician's test
  • Uses four different test methods to collect results

Results in 7 days


By Dr. Dominic Rowley

How At Home Testing Kits Work

Discreet Delivery

Since most at-home test kits cover sensitive issues, all the above providers will ship their kits in discreet packaging. Most test come quick, with most of the listed providers offering next-day delivery.

Collect Sample

Your test will arrive with detailed instructions on how to properly collect samples. Depending on your test, this can include blood tests, urine samples and throat, vaginal or rectal swabs. Blood tests are conducted using a small device that gently pricks your skin. 

Review Results

Once your sample arrives in the laboratory, tests will be conducted and your results will be available on your secure online account. Timing various, but all the above providers offer results in 7 days or less. 

Get Medical Support

Each provider has a dedicated team physicians and nurses that are available 24/7 and will call you to explain your results and provide treatment options.